Our Vision

Our vision is that Washington state is a leader in offering practices, programs, and policies tailored for girls facing adversity so they can overcome obstacles, access opportunities, and secure a purposeful future.

We Believe

  • Gender matters. Along with other individual factors like race, ethnicity, age, disability, and background, a youth's visible gender and gender identity affect how they respond to the world and how the world responds to them.

  • Racial equity, youth voice and ally-ship are the fabric of - not an add-on to - our work.

  • Scrutiny makes us better. Our work is open to evaluation for improving impact.

  • Innovation is required. Using Washington State data to promote better outcomes for girls should lead to continuity of care for girls across systems and greater economic opportunities;

  • Collaboration creates synergy. We get farther by partnering and learning from others than on our own.

*female identified youth