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Advocacy and Training are the levers we use to reform systems and address the root causes for why girls* get pushed out of opportunity.


*female identified youth


Our Mission

The Justice for Girls Coalition mission is to help Washington state girls in adverse situations thrive and have meaningful futures.

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Theory of Change

Our state’s most vulnerable girls experience violence, family chaos, are without economic opportunity and at risk for push-out from schools and involvement in the child welfare and/or courts. Coordinated programs, policies and practices are necessary to support girls on a path toward a purposeful future. Change requires data-driven, collective work by community stakeholders and legislators to identify policy, practice and program changes. These changes move systems towards gender/race-responsive care and scale up high quality services that prevent cycles of violence, poverty and recidivism.  

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Why Girls?



of probation-involved girls

have had a history of out-of-home placement



of girls on probation

in Washington state have a prevalence of truancy



of WA State girls

live in poverty


Needs Assessment


Our Programs & Events


One Girl Many systems (OGMS) Project

The project goal is to use the voice of girls to support community stakeholders to develop solutions that prevent girls with status offenses from falling deeper into the juvenile justice system. Our project will inform community led interventions and resource development to reduce the rate of unnecessary confinement and support girls’ ongoing success.

girls advocacy & impact network (GAIN)

GAIN ensures that female identified youth have skills to do policy advocacy and train in girl-centered practices alongside Coalition staff. The program also provides female identified youth with adult role models who they trust and admire. Girls in this program engage in advocacy activities that build their confidence and allow them to develop healthy relationships, which in turn supports healthy girl culture.

advocacy Member group

Members have unique opportunities for collaboration, professional development and exploring innovative girl-specific practices, research and funding streams. As members, you will make connections with other leaders and work across fields to create an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach toward ensuring greater impact on the issues girls face in our state.

Beyond Pink Annual Summit

Beyond Pink is a one-day summit and training for girl-serving advocates and professionals who work in systems including schools, youth development, child welfare, juvenile justice, health, mental health and housing. The focus is on building supportive environments, policies and practices. We will host roundtable discussions lead by subject matter experts on topics from Ending Detention for Status Offenses to Youth Homelessness.


February 2019

What we need are transformational service delivery models to replace the stopgap use of detention, which is punitive, stigmatizing for girls at a pivotal developmental time and a poor substitute for desperately needed services. Counties across the state are working toward this vision. Improvement is not only possible, it is happening.

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