Principles in Practice: A Multistate Study of Gender-Responsive Reforms in the Juvenile Justice System  

By Sarah Cusworth Walker, Ann Muno, and Cheryl Sullivan-Colglazier

Abstract: There is currently widespread interest in gender-responsive programming within the juvenile justice system. The research literature currently provides critical information about the needs of girls and pathways into the justice system through epidemiology or program evaluation studies; however, the experience of practitioners implementing reforms is less represented. This perspective is essential given the nascent stage of research on gender-specific best practices and the widespread adoption of gender-specific principles. In this article, the authors review the policy and research literature relevant to the gender-responsive movement and present the results of their multistate study of how principles are being translated into practice, including how reforms are being initiated and sustained. They discuss these findings in light of their implications for practice and research.

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Beyond Pink: A Call to Action (Conference Proceedings & Next Steps) November, 2011 

Summary: Beyond Pink: A Call to Action was a one-day gathering of juvenile justice professionals to learn strategies for implementing effective care for justice-involved girls. The Justice for Girls Coalition of Washington state (JfG) hosted this first statewide training and advocacy event. The focus of the conference was to provide some grounding in research-based knowledge regarding girls' development, raise awareness of biases in the system, emphasize the importance of cross-continuum and cross agency work and have participants share their own promising practices with each other. 

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